These VS Code extensions will help you increase your work efficiency part 2

These VS Code extensions will help you increase your work efficiency part 2
In the previous article, I presented 10 plug-ins for Visual Studio Code that will help you in your everyday work. It's time for another dose of accessories that are worth having. Who knows, maybe one of them will become a permanent part of your workflow?
1. Project Manager
Project Manager does not always have to be associated with this terrible person lurking in front of your mistakes while developing a new feature. In the VC Code edition, it helps you organize all your files. Do you have 20 projects that you return to from time to time and you hate having to click through hundreds of folders to open them? Using this tool, you can bookmark them all, add tags and open them with one click in the same or another window.
2. Prettier
There is nothing worse than unreadable code. Irregular spaces, random semicolons and huge spacing. If we add the unconventional thinking of our colleagues or ourselves from a few months ago to this list, we will end up in real programming hell. Nothing takes care of uniformity and cleanliness in our files better than Prettier. If we work in a team, one configuration is enough and we won't see 1000 changes in the git log despite writing only 3 lines. Because after running this extension, in just a few seconds all files covered by it will be formatted according to the format we selected.
3. Quokka.js
One of the most interesting items on my list is Quokka. This tool is especially useful for beginners and has many useful functions for more advanced users. One of the basic functionalities is live logging. With its help, we don't even have to run our program to know what our console logs will display. The free version also allows you to check the operation of the functions you are interested in and see examples of their use. If we invest in the pro version, we can also edit the program code while it is running, which allows us to dynamically test its capabilities. For the most insightful users, there are screens presenting the performance of our application.
4. CSS Peek
After many hours of work, style files can be overwhelming. Searching for the definition of the 5 classes that our element uses can be unbearable. That's why CSS Peek was created, which, after clicking on the tag we are interested in, allows us to display all lines with styles related to it.
5. Zip File Explorer
Another extension whose name speaks for itself. Zip File Explorer allows us to see what's inside .zip files without leaving the editor. After selecting our archive, we can browse what it contains and unpack the content we are interested in.
6. Better comments
When working on a project, it is very important to comment on the code. Does anything need quick fixes? Or maybe it would be useful to add a few functions here in the future? Or a simple warning not to use some deprecated methods? Better comments has it all. Depending on the type of comment, it is marked with an appropriate color. Thanks to this, we no longer have to worry about missing something or wasting time unnecessarily on something that could still wait for a future update.
7. Svg Preview
While working as a front-end developer, I have often encountered SVG images in text form, and no matter how many times I have dealt with them, each time I am not sure what exactly it will look like when opened. This is where Svg Preview comes in handy - after selecting a file, it opens its preview in the adjacent panel. Thanks to it, we can view and edit graphics as much as we want, without any major problems.
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