October 2022

About Client

Genea, based in Poznan, Poland, is a small yet dynamic company specializing in providing construction site materials. They have established a strong reputation for collaborating with contractors, construction wholesalers, and institutional investors. Genea prides itself on delivering the highest quality services in both the selection and sale of building materials. Their expertise covers a wide range of investments, ensuring that they can offer comprehensive supply solutions to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Project Overview

Pluscode, a software company, played a pivotal role in enhancing Genea's digital presence by developing a multi-language website for them. This new website caters to a diverse clientele by offering seamless navigation and content in multiple languages, reflecting Genea's commitment to accessibility and customer inclusivity.
Time: 2022
Clients: Googlo Mama
Role: Business Strategy


We have selected a contemporary sans-serif typeface that allows for distinct layout variations and dramatic size contrasts.